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Emergency Dental Scheme

What is it?

The Emergency Dental Scheme (EDS) is introduced for specific emergency dental care (such as a broken tooth). The EDS enables emergency dental care for eligible adult clients with natural teeth at a private dental practice when their local SA Dental clinic could not offer emergency treatment within 10 days after assessment The patient must first contact their local SA Dental clinic to have their treatment needs assessed.

Emergency Dental Scheme

Who is eligible?

Once you have registered with a South Australia Dental Community Dental Service Clinic, the Emergency Dental Scheme form can be obtained from those clinics for concession cardholders.

Click here for locations nearest to Royal Park.

Royal Park Dental accepts all patients who are approved to participate in the South Australian Dental Services Dental Schemes. If you already have an approved EDS form, it will be valid for 7 days and you must inform us that you are seeking emergency care under this scheme.

On your appointment day, bring your EDS form along with you as well as your current Pensioner Concession Card (PCC) or current Health Care Card (HCC).

Adult dependants (under 19 years) of the cardholder, whose names are on the card, can access dental care. The partner of a person with a current card cannot access SA Dental care unless they have their own HCC or PCC i.e. they are a cardholder in their own right. Holders of a Department of Veteran Affairs card that is not a PCC, for example, a Gold, White, or Orange Health Card are not eligible.

If you need more information, call us on (08) 8347 1199.

What does it cover?

This scheme may cover a number of emergency procedures. Here are some examples of the services that may be covered by the Emergency Dental Scheme:

  • Tooth extraction
  • Fillings
  • Emergency root canal treatment
  • Gum diseases
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