Dental Habits for Kids

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Dental Habits for Kids

As a parent, your child’s wellbeing is at the top of your priority list. You always want to make sure they are as happy and healthy as possible, and the same goes for your child’s oral hygiene. Your kid’s teeth can affect their overall health. At Royal Park Dental, we are a professional children’s dentist. Our team of children’s dentists are committed to providing to all of our patients, especially our kids, with optimum oral health care in a safe and comfortable environment.

If you’re a little stuck when it comes to ensuring your little one’s oral hygiene is healthy, we’ve listed some of the most important dental habits for kids below to help you get them on their way to achieving fantastic oral hygiene.

Baby Teeth Matter Too!

The first teeth are an important milestone in any baby’s life, and while it may not seem like something that requires an extensive oral hygiene regime, it is still highly important to perform a daily tooth routine to ensure that no damage is done.

Your children’s dentist will give you simple and practical tips to care for the teeth in order to minimise tooth decay. Research tells us that nearly 50% of Australian children under six suffer from tooth decay. But the good news is:

  1. Tooth decay/cavity is preventable and not inevitable.
  2. Preventing decay is simple and not difficult.
    Early decay can be reversed.

Ensuring that you take the time to brush your child’s baby teeth with a soft-bristled toothbrush and a small amount of kids toothpaste twice a day will not only keep their little choppers in prime condition, it will also teach them the importance of performing oral hygiene techniques as part of their daily routine.

Regular Visits To Your Children’s Dentist

This is an important one! Within the first six months of your child’s first tooth appearing, it’s recommended for your little one to have their first oral health appointment at a children’s dentist.

We not only provide optimum care to our adult patients, but we are also a professional children’s dentist too. We love our little patients and will make sure their appointments are fun, safe and informative! Organising children’s dental appointments from an early age will also ensure that they are comfortable with the environment and understand the importance of proper oral hygiene.

Good Eating and Drinking Habits

Any children’s dentist will tell you what you feed your family from a young age will have an effect on their teeth. In order to develop strong teeth, it is important that your kids are eating a healthy diet that is made up of fresh fruit, vegetables and fluoridated tap water while limiting high sugar foods such as biscuits and lollies.

Have you made your BED lately?

We love putting a big and a cavity-free smile on children’s face. In addition to seeing our little patients at Royal Park Dental, we also visit local preschools to provide dental health talk and check-up for children. We’ve developed the BED acronym to help children stay cavity free and dentally fit.

B = Brush your teeth twice a day
E = Eat healthy snacks regularly
D = Visit your dentist every 6 month

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We are committed to providing the children of South Australia with optimum dental care. Our professional children’s dentists will always ensure that your children are comfortable and safe, while also making sure their appointments are fun and informative.

Call Royal Park Dental today for the gentle and friendly children’s dentistry!

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