Dental Hygiene Practices You Should Be Doing Every Day!

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Dental Hygiene Practices You Should Be Doing Every Day!

You only get one set of teeth, so you have to look after them diligently if you want to keep a glowing smile. Everyone knows to brush their teeth once in the morning and once before bed, but there are other Dental hygiene practices that Adelaide dentists recommend performing every day to keep your oral health at its best.

Preventative care is always the ultimate solution for your general health, and this applies to your teeth, mouth and gums as well. Even teeth that appear healthy still require constant care so make sure to follow these practices every day.

Brush Properly or Buy an Electric Toothbrush

Most Adelaide dentists including the dentists at Royal Park Dental would suggest investing in an electric toothbrush and brushing for at least two minutes in the morning and night. Lazy brushing is relatively equivalent to neglecting to brush at all.

The best method for removing plaque buildup on your teeth is to make small, gentle circles around each tooth. An electric toothbrush naturally operates in a circular motion that targets individual teeth effectively for plaque removal.

Don’t Forget Your Tongue and Gums

Unremoved plaque on your gums and tongue can become troublesome if not attended to. Gingivitis and undesirable mouth odour among other oral health problems can result from plaque build up on the gums and tongue.

Gently brush your tongue every morning and night to help prevent stale breath. If your gums become red, bloody and sensitive after cleaning then this is a sign that they haven’t received enough care recently.

Flossing Is So important

The unfortunate truth is that so many who brush regularly, completely disregard flossing. Despite popular belief, flossing isn’t just for dislodging small bits and pieces of food from the crevices in between your teeth.

Flossing stimulates your gums, removes hard to reach plaque and works to reduce inflammation surrounding your gums. Once per day is enough to seriously improve the longevity of your overall oral health, according to dentists.

Many Adelaide patients complain of difficulty flossing due to tight teeth, arthritis and other reasons. Instead of giving up, ask the Adelaide dentists about the right type of dental floss that suit your needs.

Drink More Water

Consume lots of water which is and will always be the most beneficial beverage for you to drink on a day to day basis. It is surprising how most people struggle to take the recommended amount. Adelaide dentists recommend drinking water after every meal or snack to assist in washing out sticky and acidic food that attaches to your teeth.

Buy a quality water bottle and bring it with you everywhere you go, your body and mouth will thank you for it! Invest in your teeth and keep your daily routine stringent to see the benefits of a healthy, glowing smile for longer.

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