How Does Dental Care Impact My Overall Health?

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How Does Dental Care Impact My Overall Health?

Keeping up with your dental care routine is a good practice not only in making sure you have confidence in a healthy smile but also in maintaining an overall healthy body. Poor oral and dental care can result in a multitude of undesirable health conditions that aren’t exclusive to the mouth.

An unhealthy mouth can mean lousy breath, tooth decay and diseased gums, which can impact how many teeth you have when you’re older! Gum disease can be especially catastrophic for your overall health and may increase the likelihood of severe health problems such as strokes and heart attacks.

Our team at Royal Park Dental, located near Findon, have a team of experienced entists who are passionate about your dental health and mouth care and can make assessments on your overall health during a check-up. We have the expertise required to alert you of any potential health concerns and can refer you to a local doctor in the Findon area.

Potential Health Concerns

Many conditions affect your entire body and problems in the mouth can sometimes be symptomatic of a more severe ailment. Diabetes is a significant concern, and even if you are stringent with your dental care and are still experiencing horrible breath, then it’s possible that you have diabetes.

According to the Academy of General Dentistry, more than 90 per cent of all systemic diseases present with at least some form of oral symptoms. The team at Royal Park Dental, conveniently located close to the Findon area, can assess your dental care regime and if it’s adequately sufficient for your body’s overall needs.

Impact of Poor Dental Care

With inadequate dental care comes unhealthy saliva. Your saliva contains antibodies that combat pathogens carried in the common cold. It also protects you from nasty bacterias that can cause infection.

Irregular brushing and flossing cause plaque to build up on your teeth and gums, which provides a breeding ground for bacteria. This lack of care can lead to the gum infection known as gingivitis and when untreated can progress into the more severe periodontitis.

When your immune system isn’t working at full capacity, oral bacteria can start to cause you problems. It’s especially crucial for you to make sure your dental care routine is strictly adhered to, if you have a condition that weakens your immune system. Talk with us as well as your local Findon health professional to find out how to take the best preventive measures.

Maintaining Your Dental Care

We hope that you already take your dental care seriously, but if you needed any more reason to, then the knowledge that it can affect your overall health should have an impact. At Royal Park Dental, a short distance from Findon, we are committed to keeping your mouth and your body as healthy as possible!

Call us today on (08) 8246 3942 and make an appointment today so that you can feel better about your dental care quicker!

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