How To Prepare For Your Dental Check Up!

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How To Prepare For Your Dental Check Up!

Your regular visit to the dentist does not have to be a burden and a source of stress and anxiety. On the contrary, it should be something to look forward to, as it will make your teeth and gums feel and look healthier.

At Royal Park Dental Adelaide, your regular dentist visits and check-ups will not provide you with just a mouth clean-up. By booking an “Active Maintenance appointment” with us, you will get a full dental check-up that covers prevention and early intervention of dental decay, gum disease, and oral cancer.

Your active maintenance appointment is delivered at our Adelaide practice by a multi-disciplinary team approach, with the dentist and appropriate referral to other oral health and medical teams to give you the best oral and physical health care and help you maintain your overall health.

To make sure your dental check-up goes as smoothly as possible, here are a few steps to follow:

Get Your Information Ready

As a new patient, you need to provide your Adelaide dentist with your full medical history, including any medications you are taking, their dosage and the frequency of taking them. Additionally, you should also bring your payment and dental insurance information with you.

Even if you are visiting your regular Adelaide dentist, you will also need to keep a journal of any changes to your health, medications or dental insurance, since your last visit.

Clean Your Teeth Thoroughly

Typically, brushing your teeth and keeping them clean is required every day. However, right before visiting your Adelaide dentist, you want to give your teeth a good clean to meet your dentist with a fresh mouth. Your dentist will be able to see the condition of your mouth, after your washing routine.

Write Down Your Dental Problems or Concerns

You probably always think of questions you want to ask your Adelaide dentist, then you forget to ask them once you reach the practice, because of all of the anxiety. That is why it is always a good idea to make a list of all of your dental concerns and bring it with you to your dentist.

Bringing up any dental issues, no matter how small, is critical so your Adelaide dentist can treat them or take preventive measures before they turn into big dental problems.

Tell Your Dentist About Your Anxiety

Do not be shy, embarrassed or afraid to tell your dentist if you suffer from any dental anxiety or are a bit nervous. Your dentist can work with you and help you out to find a way that will make you relax during your examination and treatment.

Be Honest

No matter how embarrassing or hard the truth is, you need to tell your dentist everything about your oral condition. Any information about your pain, oral hygiene and concerns must be conveyed to your Adelaide dentist, to give you the best dental check-up and examination possible.

To get the best oral services from our experienced dentists in Adelaide, contact Royal Park Dental today!

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