Is your child nervous about going to the dentist?

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Is your child nervous about going to the dentist?

When it comes to going to the dentist, some adults hold a strong amount of anxiety, so it’s no surprise that some children can be nervous when it comes to sitting in the chair. At Royal Park Dental, we are a children’s dentist that is committed to providing our patients with a dental service that aims to relieve nerves and anxiousness with our friendly professional team.

If your little one is nervous about going to the dentist, we’ve listed a few things below that may help calm their nerves and improve their feelings on attending their next appointment!

How Can We Help Your Children’s Dentistry Needs?

Not only do we provide professional oral health for adults, but we are also fully trained and qualified in children’s oral health. We are committed to patient safety, comfort and satisfaction and understand that it can be a feared appointment for anyone, especially our kids. This is why our children’s dentistry team will always take time get to know our little patients, build rapport and trust, and making sure they are comfortable and at ease with every appointment.

Our professional team offer children’s dental services and possess a gentle and friendly approach, resulting in a service that is filled with a passion for excellence and devoted continuation of patient care.

Regular Visits

Starting your children’s dental appointments from a very young age will help them become comfortable and familiar with attending appointments. We recommend starting your children’s dental appointment right from when their first tooth comes through; this will help establish good oral hygiene habits and develop a comfortable and familiar relationship between your child and your dentist.

Mum and Dad are more than welcome to sit in on all your child’s dental appointments to help make your child’s dental experience a more comfortable one.

Children’s Dentistry Pain Relief Options

Majority of kids that have anxiety or nerves about visiting the dentist associate the visit with pain. However, a majority of appointments don’t come with any pain at all. Although sometimes, your child may have an issue that may require some form of pain relief to remove discomfort and ensure that they are as comfortable throughout their appointment as possible.

Our children’s dentistry team is committed to providing our patients with proper pain management as required. We have a range of different pain management options and will work with you and your little ones to find the best pain management system for them.

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At Royal Park Dental, we are committed to providing our little patients with a gentle and friendly experience. Our warm and friendly dental team loves working with children, so you can rest assured your little ones are in good hands. Call to book your first appointment today!

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