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Do I Need to Take My Toddler to the Dentist?

There is nothing more important than your child’s health, and their oral health is no different. It can be challenging to decide when your child will first need to see a dentist but as a general guide, your child should first see a dentist around the age of 1 or within six months of when their first tooth emerges.

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How Does Dental Care Impact My Overall Health?

Keeping up with your dental care routine is a good practice not only in making sure you have confidence in a healthy smile but also in maintaining an overall healthy body. Poor oral and dental care can result in a multitude of undesirable health conditions that aren’t exclusive to the mouth.

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Things You Must Know About Dental X-Rays

If you’re a person cares about dental health and who frequents a dentist somewhat regularly then the chances are you’ve experienced a dental X-ray. The professional team at Royal Park Dental use this fantastic tool to examine and diagnose problems that occur below the visible surface of your gums.

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Where Can I Get Dental Implants in Adelaide?

Dental implants are easily one of the best solutions in Adelaide for your oral health when it comes to missing or dying teeth. Not only are they strong and make chewing food a much simpler process for some, but they also act as a preventative measure against more devastating mouth issues.

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How Dental Implants Can Restore Your Confidence

An infectious smile can be one of the greatest and purest expressions of joy in your life, but when you have missing or severely damaged teeth, it can take an unfortunate toll on your confidence. There’s a chance you have been neglecting addressing this issue as you might not think the problem is too severe or you aren’t too keen about travelling to your Adelaide based dentist.

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How a Cosmetic Dentist Can Get You Smiling Again!

Cosmetic dentistry has become increasingly sought after by the residents of Adelaide who are looking to improve their confidence with a happy and healthy smile. Whether it’s a simple whitening or more complex techniques, the fact is the popularity of cosmetic dentistry is here to stay.

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When’s the best time to go to the dentist?

You’ve perhaps heard the joke before "When’s the best time to go to the dentist?" and the smart answer, which of course is "tooth hurty" (two thirty). However, this joke might not be as far off the mark as it seems and there are indeed some telltale signs that it’s about time to see an Adelaide dentist!

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3 things you might not know about dental implants

Dental implants have fast become the ultimate and most prevalent solution for dental restoration in Adelaide. There are many excellent reasons why dental implants are the final option for replacing missing teeth and why they’ve become so popular in Adelaide.

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Dental Hygiene Practices You Should Be Doing Every Day!

You only get one set of teeth, so you have to look after them diligently if you want to keep a glowing smile. Everyone knows to brush their teeth once in the morning and once before bed, but there are other Dental hygiene practices that Adelaide dentists recommend performing every day to keep your oral health at its best.

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Restore Confidence With Veneers!

Do you always dream of finding a way to cover the gap between your front teeth or apply techniques to solve other dental issues that affect how you smile? At Dentist Royal Park, we believe that dental veneers can provide you with the smile you have always wanted.

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