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Dentist Findon

Dentist Findon for all your dental needs

1848 saw the Adelaide Suburb of Findon begin with ten acre property allotments, allowing residents to make the use of the excellent gravel mining and farming opportunities the area offered.

Findon’s reported population was reported to be around 200 in 1866. However, following the second world war, there was an increased demand for housing, leading to the subdivision and the urban development of Findon. Migration post-WWII brought with it social change for the community with new residents from Greece, Italy and Bulgaria.

This history is still profound within the suburb’s streets which are full of colourful culture.

The area itself is suitable for couples and families, made evident by the statistics revealing that these demographics are the two most prevalent. As a central western suburb, the community boasts access to things such as the community centre, the tranquillity of Tennyson beach and the historic Port Adelaide within minutes.

At Royal Park Dental, we hold a strong focus on the comfort and well-being of all Adelaide residents. Offering a comprehensive list of dental services that can have the residents of Findon with healthy teeth for years to come.

Royal Park Dental Findon offers Crown and Bridge Dental

At Royal Park Dental, we offer crown and bridge dental restoration services. The application of a crown means to completely cap a tooth or dental implant. Crowns are often required to protect weakened teeth, restore a fractured tooth or provide protection to a tooth that has recently undergone a root canal treatment.

Our dentists produce your dental crown over the course of two appointments or using our 3D CEREC technology, which only requires one appointment. Our dentists will discuss with you which type of crown (porcelain, porcelain fused to metal or metal crown) is best suited to your dental needs. We also strive to ensure that our patients are comfortable with any procedure, and so we will always endeavour to take the time to explain treatments in detail for the patients understanding.

CEREC now available at Royal Park Dental Findon

We are proud to be able to offer all of our Findon dentist patients the option of using CEREC when restorative tooth treatments are required.

The system is used to help restore teeth that may have cracks before they become split or shattered, minimising the risk of patients losing their teeth.

Because CEREC preserves your remaining tooth structure, it, in turn, requires less time and can be completed in a single appointment.

Our entire team provides our Findon and South Australian patients with excellent customer service in a fun, caring and dynamic environment. Get yourself on the road to better teeth without the stress and call Royal Park Dental today!

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