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Dentist Seaton

Dentist Seaton for all your general dental needs

The Adelaide Western Suburbs are growing in popularity, more and more people are taking advantage of the affordable price for a home that comes with fantastic beach and city proximities. Seaton is an emerging suburb that reflects and eclectic mix of old and new.

Known for being a family-friendly suburb that welcomes the role of community, Seaton offers its residents endless facilities to be enjoyed and utilised all year round. With proximity to the Findon community centre and West Lakes shopping centre, events such as regular yoga and dance classes as well as year-round shopping, there is no shortage of things to do.

Seaton Dental Emergencies

We understand that sometimes accidents happen. Perhaps you were playing sport at the local recreational centre and accidentally took a ball to the face, resulting in the loss of a tooth. No need to worry, Royal Park Dental are experts in dealing with dental emergencies.

It is essential that in the case of a dental emergency you remain calm and seek dental assistance as quickly as possible to prevent possible further damage.

In order to prevent emergencies occurring, avoid eating or chewing on foods, such as ice and popcorn kernels that may cause your teeth to undergo unnecessary stress.

Investing in a professionally fitted, custom-made mouth guard is an excellent device to use when taking part in recreational activities. At Royal Park Dental we are proud to offer ‘Play Safe, Play Hard’ mouth guard sponsorship to sporting clubs in the Seaton community at a very competitive price. Give our practice a call for further information.

Veneers Improve Your Smile - Available at Royal Park Dental Seaton

Perhaps you’re looking for that ‘Hollywood’ smile you’ve always wanted, or maybe you want to reduce a gap in your teeth. Veneers are a fantastic option to improve your smile by creating a natural smile line.

A veneer comprises of a material that is made of a strong, tooth-like material. This is then placed over your tooth to change your tooth’s shape, colour and overall appearance.

Veneer materials are made from either composite or dental porcelain. At the time of the initial consultation, our dentists will discuss and inform each patient about the appropriate cosmetic changes for them and their lifestyle.

Getting Veneers is a painless procedure. Our dentists will numb the surrounding area before removing any dental enamel, so all you have to do is sit back, relax and wait for your perfect smile!

The team at Royal Park Dental has been servicing the residents of Seaton for years. It is our patient-centred, professional and friendly approach that has all areas of Adelaide continuing to come to us. To book an appointment, call the team at Royal Park Dental today!

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