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Dentist Woodville

Dentist Woodville for all your general dental needs

The South Australian suburb of Woodville is located in between two of Adelaide’s most significant city thoroughfares, Torrens and Port Roads.

Rich in community spirit the suburb boasts a mix of old and new with existing heritage buildings and new developments enticing young buyers. Attend movie nights held fortnightly at the Woodville Town Hall, or enjoy some social sporting activities at the up and coming St. Clair Recreation centre.

This sense of community continues at Royal Park Dental. We have been providing exceptional dental services to our Woodville client base for years and continue to do so through our patient-centred approach. We offer an extensive range of dental services with a smile.

Root Canal Treatment in Woodville

Some may view a root canal as an intimidating experience. But with Royal Park Dental it doesn’t have to be. Our highly skilled dentistry team will do everything possible to ensure that the process is a comfortable and positive one.

A root canal treatment is the removal of the nerve tissue from the root canal through the crown. We always wish to ensure that any procedure is as painless as possible, that’s why we offer pain management options for our patients. At the time of your appointment, we will discuss your options.

Our patient safety and satisfaction is always on the top of our priority list. We understand that some patients find going to the dentist to be an anxious experience, that’s why our dentists will always aim to make our patients feel comfortable and at ease at every appointment.

Wisdom Teeth Removal at Royal Park Woodville

Extracting a wisdom tooth is a surgical procedure used to remove up to four of the permanent adult teeth located in the back corners of your mouth, top and bottom.

If a wisdom tooth doesn’t have the room required to grow resulting in pain, infection or other dental problems, it is advised that you get it removed. At times it is also recommended that the teeth are removed to prevent potential problems in the future.

At Royal Park Dental we understand that removing your wisdom teeth can be a daunting experience and something many patients postpone for as long as possible. We are committed to providing you with a calm and comfortable environment, where you’ll benefit from our degree of expertise.

We aim to give you the peace of mind you deserve while keeping your costs down.

We are independent, family-owned dental practice, allowing us to offer our Woodville patients the most clinically appropriate treatment. We are avid believers in continuation of care for all of our patients. If you’re looking for a family-minded dental practice look no further than the Royal Park Dental team. Call for a consultation today!

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