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Cavity-Free 2026 School Visits

As a family-oriented dental clinic, we’re passionate about preventative care among toddlers and children. Research tells us that nearly 50% of Australian children under six suffer from tooth decay. But the good news is

  1. Tooth decay/cavity is preventable and not inevitable
  2. Preventing decay is simple and not difficult
  3. Early decay can be reversed.

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We’re proud to be part of the Alliance for a Cavity-Free Future (ACFF) vision, i.e. Every child born from 2026 should stay cavity free during their lifetime. We’re contributing to this vision through

  • offering free dental health checks for children at local early learning centres and schools.
  • providing fun and interactive oral health talks to children.
  • educating families about Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS).

Free Dental Health Check

Our team of dental professionals can visit your centre or primary school to offer free dental health check for children. Informed consent is required from the parents and ideally, the parents are present during the health check so that our dentist can discuss with them about optimum dental care for their children.

Currently our partners include

  • Precious Cargo Woodville Park
  • Montessori House Fulham Gardens
  • Montessori House Morphettville
  • Faith Montessori
  • Sturt Street Children’s Centre
  • Edge Kids Findon
  • West Lakes Kindergarten
  • Uniting Care Spring Fair
  • Findon Community Centre
  • NuMedical

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If you would like to organise this talk and/or the dental health check at your centre, please contact us on 8347 1199, or .

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Our Cavity Free 2026 school visits project has helped hundreds of children stay cavity free.

Cavity Free Teeth Talk

The Cavity Free Teeth Talk is a 15 – 30 minute interactive talk involves educating children about the roles of dental professionals and tips to cultivate healthy dental habits. Children will also have the opportunity to role-play as dental nurse and patient to help them foster a positive attitude toward dental care. Furthermore, they will also receive oral health goodies bag.

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Dr Debbie sharing 3 simple tips at Faith Montessori to help children keep their teeth strong and healthy.

B = Brush your teeth twice a day

E = Eat healthy snacks

D = Visit your Dentist every 6 month  

 Faith Montessori small

Dr Debbie, Maggie (Hygienist) and the Directors of Faith Montessori.

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Dr Debbie teaching the kids how to brush their teeth effectively at the Findon Community Centre.

 West Lakes Kindergarten small

Dr Debbie, Poonam (Dental Assistant) and the West Lakes Kindergarten team.

Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS)

So far through the support from local Early Learning and Child Care Centres, we have reached more than 700 families with valuable information about the CDBS. We have been able to educate them of the importance of seeking dental expertise in the earlier childhood years and creating good positive dental habits early on. This is another milestone for us to reach the Vision of a Cavity-Free Future 2026. All these initiatives aim to create a cavity-free generation in our community. For more details about CDBS, visit our CDBS FAQ’s page.

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