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Sports Mouthguard

What is the function of a mouthguard?

Mouthguards act as a cushion to help protect your teeth from chipping and breaking. Broken jaws, neck injuries, lacerations of gums and tongue, and concussion may also be reduced. Wearing a custom-fitted mouthguard helps to absorb and spread the impact of a blow to your face, reducing the risk of a serious injury.

What are the advantages of a custom-fitted mouthguard?

Custom-fitted mouthguards provide a better fit than other pre-molded, off- the-shelf guards, therefore offering the best protection for your teeth, mouth and jaw. Your custom-fitted mouthguard from our dentists will be:

  • Comfortable
  • Well fitting
  • Allows you to speak clearly
  • Will not shift or fall out
  • Will not restrict your breathing

Dental injuries can be very costly, hence most active people find it is worthwhile investing in a custom-fitted mouthguard.

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