Do you Feel Nervous About the Dentist?

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Do you Feel Nervous About the Dentist?

It’s common to be a little apprehensive when it comes to visiting the dentist. However, for some people, it can prove to be a little more of a challenge. At Royal Park Dental we understand some dental appointments are often associated with fear, even though most dental procedures aren’t painful. However, a basic dental examination can leave people feeling an immense feeling of anxiety.  

More often than not those who find the experience to be filled with anxiousness still manage to push these feelings aside in order to look after their oral hygiene. However, some are left with a crippling fear surrounding dental visits. People with a fear of the dentist will put off routine dental care for years, doing just about anything to avoid a dental appointment and end up dealing with things such as gum disease, toothache and broken, unsightly teeth.

At Royal Park Dental we understand that dental fear can be a major obstacle for people to access dental care and that’s why we are here to help you through the process. Our team are committed to providing our patients with a positive and gentle dental experience.

So, How Can Royal Park Dental Help You?

At Royal Park Dental, patient safety, comfort and satisfaction are aspects that are always at the top of our priority list. We understand that dental appointments can trigger strong anxiety for some and that’s why we will always aim to minimise or remove the fear. Our team will always endeavour to do whatever possible to ensure you are comfortable and at ease with every dental appointment.

Our dental team is made up of two experienced dentists that both possess a gentle and friendly approach to dentistry. Combining this approach with a passion for excellence and believing that every patient deserves a devoted continuation of care we provide our patients with an excellent dental service.  

The Pain

Probably the most common reason for avoiding the dentist is the idea that it is associated with pain. This could stem from bad experiences prior or the fear of the unknown. At Royal Park Dental we are committed to providing our patients with effective pain management as required.

Our specific pain management strategies and modern dentistry techniques allow us to help our patients overcome the fear surrounding dental pain, making treatments more comfortable and putting our patients at ease.

With a number of pain management options available at our practice and working with you to work towards eliminating your dental fears, we have a pain free solution for everyone!


The invasiveness that comes with a dental appointment is a common reason people tend to put off regular dental checks. We understand that having someone so closely within your personal space is not the most comfortable position to be in, and it can create the feeling of anxiety and powerlessness.

In order to alleviate these feelings, we work with our patients by:

  • Communicating with our patients throughout the entire process to inform them of what we are doing throughout the procedure 
  • Ensuring they are comfortable throughout the entire process
  • Offering regular breaks
  • Listening to feedback to help them overcome their fears.

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If you find yourself nervous about going to the dentist and are looking for a dental practice that has your comfort as a main priority, look no further than the team at Royal Park Dental. With a gentle and friendly approach to dentistry and patient comfort in Adelaide’s Western suburbs, we are committed to improving South Australians oral health. Call the team today to book your appointment!

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